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Tom McGuire

Tom McGuire is a rising stand up comedian from Long Island, New York. 


Starting his comedy career in 2019 after a failed attempt as a college basketball player at Suffolk County Community College, Tom had a short 3 month stint in stand-up before the Covid-19 Pandemic shut the world down. 


Returning back to the stage in May 2021, Tom has been hitting the stage consistently ever since, and was the winner of the 2021 “Long Island Laugh Off.” 


He can be seen performing regularly all throughout New York City and Long Island. 


Tom graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2022 with a bachelors degree in Finance. He hopes that he never has to use it since he retained zero percent of the knowledge he learned, and he’s shocked he even has a degree in the field. 


Follow Tom @tommcguirecomedy on all social media platforms. 

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